Thursday, 28 April 2011


For a screening at Adam Christensen's Hotel Garderobe, I'm going to show a film from 1964 called Portrait of Queenie, about the pub-landlady and jazz singer Queenie Watts, of the Ironbridge Tavern, East India Dock Road, Poplar, London. It seems like an apt film, with it's scenes of estates raising from the rubble of post-war devastation, and complicated mix of warm and misplaced nostalgia, to show at Hotel Garderobe; the empty flat in a condemned estate in Bermondsey, accessed through a wardrobe via a hole in the wall. Whilst doing some research, I found that Queenie had acted in many TV and film roles, including Up the Junction, and this Play for Today, Waterloo Sunset, from 1979. Don't have nightmares!