Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In Birmingham

I recently visited Birmingham with Bonnie Camplin. We took my book 'A Portrait of Birmingham', designed and issued by The City of Birmingham Information Department, 1969, as a guide.

The book contains highlights of Birmingham such as the College of Food and Domestic Arts.

Here 'the practical work of the College is seen to effect in this demonstration in the Butchery'.

Birmingham seemed grim on the day we visited. The Tory Party Conference was in full swing, and it was pouring with rain. We walked with the thousands of protesters against Tory cuts to public services. A man in front of us comforted his tired son as we slowly trudged through the rain down an underpass, to emerge in a wasteland/coach parking-lot.

Bonnie and I ended up in a Marriott hotel restaurant eating an overpriced plate of Fish & Chips. Then we got the coach back to London.

Coach Upholstery
Incidentally, Bonnie's show, 'Railway Mania', at MIMA is running until November 14th, and is definitely worth travelling for, by coach or otherwise. The catalogue also features essays by the erudite Rebecca Bligh and Fanny Paul Clinton.

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