Monday, 7 June 2010

Bird, Lion, Fish, Dog - A Coelacanth Bestiary, part 1

The Lion

O lion, miserable image
Of kings lamentably chosen,
Now you’re only born in a cage
In Hamburg, among the Germans.

- Apollinaire


Miriam and Horlick spend a great deal of time putting off going to
This is the thought that came to me in my bedroom where they
both were, and she said:
Horlick, look at Tuggers, he is getting quite excited in his head.

Tuggers was the dog. And he was getting excited. So.
Miriam had taken her stockings off and you know
Tuggers was getting excited licking her legs, slow, slow.

It’s funny Tuggers should be so enthusiastic, said Horlick nastily,
It must be nice to be able to get so excited about nothing really,
Try a little higher up old chap, you’re acting puppily.

I yawned. Miriam and Horlick said Goodnight.
And went. It was 2 o’clock and Miriam was quite white
With sorrow. Very well then, Goodnight.

- Stevie Smith

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