Thursday, 7 January 2010

Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) and Endora (Agnes Moorehead) from Bewitched.

From an interview with Elizabeth Montgomery in The Advocate, by Robrt Pela, July 30, 1992.

ADVOCATE: Bewitched is sort of a gay allegory: the story of a different person in this case, a witch who's being told that she can't tell anyone who or what she really is. It's the ultimate closet story.

"Don't think that didn't enter our minds at the time. We talked about it on the set certainly not in production meetings that this was about people not being allowed to be what they really are. If you think about it, Bewitched is about repression in general and all the frustration and trouble it can cause. It was a neat message to get across to people at that time in a subtle way."

Read more from that interview here. I was inspired to look up Agnes Moorehead after recognising her in Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven Allows. *So* much gay interest here it's hard to know where to start!

Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman, and Agnes Moorehead with Sirk on the set of All That Heaven Allows.


J Catlow-Shea said...

oh agnes moorehead! gotta love her in spite of her rather conservative ways. have you seen "hush, hush sweet charlotte" or "the bat" (with vincent price nonetheless)? she was in SO many films!! oh and try and grab a recording of "sorry wrong number" if you haven't heard it.

oh yep nod said...

Screamin Jay Hawkins - Voodoo Priestess. The link is tenuous, the intention is absolutely laser sharp; Phobos Blarty, please listen. You are SJH, the world is the woman's bemused frown.