Monday, 16 February 2009

Joe Brainard, and Writing Art History

Portrait of Pat, 1971.

Flower Painting IV, 1967.

If Nancy was a Painting by de Kooning, 1975.

Untitled, 1976.

On saturday I went to the Writing Art History: On the Agenda? symposium at the Courtauld, organised by Catherine Grant. I couldn't quite get to grips with Francesco Ventrella's lecture Exercise: Writing a Choreography on the Art Historian’s Hat, which seemed to fly over most of the hatless heads of the Kenneth Clarke Auditorium attendees, but really enjoyed Catherine's Fans of Feminism: Re-writing Histories of Second-wave Feminism in Contemporary Art. Best of all was a lecture on the work of Joe Brainard, and "writing about the minor", which Gavin Butt presented with a good spread of Nancies and Pansies.

Joe Brainard homepage.
Another lecture by C.G here.


steviecat said...

I'd rather like to have gone to that. I love Joe Brainard's I Remember (think he inspired Perec's Je me souviens, or was it the other way round ?), and once wrote something similar myself as a LiveJournal entry - I'll try to find the link to it.

Herman said...

Hi Phoebe, this is fairly naff question, but where can I find out about these fascinating talks before they happen? Are there listings pages for them somewhere? I'm a musician, so wouldn't really know where to look. I love your blog, your help would be much appreciated!


Phoebe said...

Hi Herman, thanks for your comment - I only found out about this particular talk from a friend who was presenting a paper... but recently Zizek did some good lectures at Birkbeck, which again I heard about through word of mouth... Maybe join some mailout lists from the kind of institutions that would interest you... the ICA, Tate, Conway Hall etc..?