Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hurl the bloody urn, Umberto!

Henrietta – As a designer of artificial ruins, Alexandra was well-known. She designed ruins in the manners of Langley, Effner, Robert Adam, and Carlo Marchionni, as well as her own manner. She was working on a ruin for a park in Tempe, Arizona, consisting of a ruined wall nicely disintegrated at the top and one end, two classical columns upright, and one fallen, vines, and a number of broken urns. The urns were difficult because it was necessary to produce them from intact urns and the workmen at the site were often reluctant to do violence to the urns. Sometimes she pretended to lose her temper:

– Hurl the bloody urn, Umberto!

From a dramatization of Donald Barthelme's Henrietta and Alexandra.
Photo of Ai Weiwei.

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