Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sister Spyancop asks for a bottle of tea, Sister Grundy replies, "You'll get plenty of tea out of a tea-pot."

"It has been the proud lot of No.7 General Hospital, Estcourt, to claim the honour of launching the first local play relating to the (Boer) war. Civil Surgeon A. Balfour, the writer of the play, has proved himself a worthy disciple of Aristophanes. He and his willing band of helpers, chosen from the officers and nursing sisters, have, by their efforts, sent a zephyr of hilarity through the hospital grounds, where the atmosphere, redolent of surgeons and sickness, monotony and medicine, is usually somewhat oppressive."

"The Camp Catch" A farcical farce in two acts - from the Black and White Budget, Nov.17, 1900.

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steviecat said...

Oh wow, Barbara Lynn footage !! Exquisite...