Saturday, 17 January 2009

Mimei Thompson (who was the feature artist in Issue 2 of The Coelacanth Journal, Hysteria) is having a solo show in Liverpool: Internal Geometry, 23rd January to 8th March, 2009, The Drawing Room at St. Georges Hall, Liverpool.
Mimei's work is at once alive with a painterly and psychological authenticity and sophistication, but also seems to convey a sort of teenage guilt and goonery, like a self-aware guffaw in the night when waking from a wild dream! Somehow she is able to do something very clever, to depict a space between emotion and intellect.
This is one of my favourite recent paintings from Mimei's website:

Long-nose Constellation
oil on canvas


Justin said...

grand painting! what great work, it fits so well with my ideals of direction-of-line apparent brushwork in the creation of a tangible dreamscape, right up there with matta at moments.

I had a dream last night I was visiting europe with a friend and at one point was in an odd apartment in london full of strings, a tattered bunk bed and all kinds of markers and pens where I ran into you and made fliers for some sort of event of yours.
so today I checked your livejournal and was happily redirected here.
the more quality periodic writtens on the web to check up on the merrier i say.

take care,
your old livejournal friend justin.

Phoebe said...

Hello Justin!
you should make that dream a reality and come over to make some fliers. I don't have an event, but I could surely invent one for you to make fliers for. You could justify the expense, time etc. by saying you were an "intern".
Take care you too old buddy.